2011 checklist

11 January 2011

Here's a checklist of things that, hopefully, I can buy. Most of it are really important and some are just "wants" that can wait for a few more months (or years even).

1. trip to hongkong - This I promised my son, so I really need to start looking for a good deal already.

2. htc desire Z™ android smartphone - Can wait for a few months (to a couple of years) since I just bought a new one.
3. DSLR camera - I want! I really, really want!

4. more educational books for RJ - He bought lots of comic books this christmas break. Good thing my sister gave two kid's almanac as a gift. I will buy more educational books for him because he enjoys reading it. Aside from him learning new things from the books, I also learn something from it.

5. new dress - I have to gift myself with something each month and a dress is on top of my list

6. hmmm. what else? Will add more next time.


Jennee said...

looks like a great list so far. I purchased my camera last year and LOVE it!

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