its never too late

13 October 2010

I try to look for different art and recreation classes that RJ can join. Everyday is an opportunity, that needs to be filled with more knowledge and explore different possibilities, that will lead to where and what he'll best be in the future. I am getting worried that it's already too late for him to try different things now that he's 9.

Last night I was watching a talk show about Mom's and their kids. An athlete who won 1st place in an international competition was featured. He's 17 years old and he started playing the sport he's into at the age of 15. I shouldn't worry about RJ then. He has ample time to try out different activities.

I should add more vacation time in our activities also. Aside from the fun that he'll get from traveling, it will also broaden his knowledge. I would start searching for cheap vacation deals for his Halloween break.


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