does your child rely on you too much?

26 October 2010

I think my son does and it's annoying me sometimes already. Was I at fault when I decided to take care of him and become a full time Mom? I've noticed that some of his classmates, those who spend most of the time with their yaya's, are more independent.

                                                                           photo: raising-redheads

I have been constantly reminding him to be more responsible with himself, his things and his behavior. Even if he can already do it, he still waits for me to tell him to do the things that he does everyday like take a bath already, brush his teetht or fix his school bag.

Maybe I should move on to more difficult tasks for him like doing some research for me. Do you have the same worries? Any advice?


march on... said...

Oh I share your sentiment. The diff is, I a working mom. My MIL tells me that my daughter is clingy and all bec she misses me everyday and it will change when she goes to school and meet other kids.

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