a gift you won't be ashamed of giving

24 September 2010

Christmas is just around the corner. I must admit that I usually get crazy during this time of the year. With all the gifts that needs to be bought and wrapped, who wouldn't go crazy? What if they just throw my gift in the trash because they don't like it? Or worse, they rewrap it and unintentionally give it as a gift for me?!

I myself, sometimes, don't like the gifts that I get. No, I don't throw it in the trash. Most of the time I rewrap and give the gift to other people.

amazon gift card

This year, to save me from a lot of headaches, I'm planning to just give out amazon gift cards. With the gift card, all my friends can get to buy something that they really like. Whenever they look at that something, they will smile and remember that I gave them that gift. Not frown and say, "What a horrible gift!"


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