are you worried about the future?

29 September 2010

I am a worry-wart when it comes to my son. I worry when he's in school. I worry about his future. I worry about anything and everything that my imaginative mind can think of. I believe most mommies are.

I have been planning to get a life insurance. I was already researching the available policies that I was able to get from reputable insurance companies. But I got hesitant when more than one insurance company, in the country, closed for bankruptcy. Although most of them we're non-life, I still didn't want to have problems later on.
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After years and years of waiting, the economy is looking good right now. The peso is getting stronger and stronger every passing day. The stock market is the same. So yes, I should set aside my worries for the future and concentrate in solving my present-day worries.


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