abc wednesday #1

01 September 2010

G is for GOD.

That is the first G that entered my mind. God should be the center of a person's whole being. God should be the first on our list of best of the best. No other G compares with how great God is.


What is your G? Join us at ABC Wednesday.

ABC Wednesday


Roger Owen Green said...

good choice

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jay said...

Well, that is a fairly major G, for sure! I wonder how many of the letters of the alphabet could be used for the various names that He has?

Jay - ABC Wednesday Team

ShutterHappyJenn said...

I am a Catholic, too... and the image of the crucified Christ and the Rosary are just two of the most important things to me.

Thanks for hopping by my ABC Wednesday post.

Jingle said...

God is good!

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