too much milk may be the culprit

08 July 2010

RJ experienced an unbearable tummy ache, for the nth time, two months back. I had to rush him to his Gastroenterologist's clinic because he was vomitting the whole morning already. The clinic was an hour's away from the house. We we're inside the doctor's office for only 5minutes! Yup, it's constipation once again. I had to stock the fridge with lots of Gatorade (he was losing a lot of fluid from vomitting), prune juice (fiber rich fruit juice), fruits and vegetables.

I am getting worried again because of RJ's irregular bathroom habit. He does eat fruits but doesn't want the "yucky" vegetables. He eats prunes daily to add more fiber in his diet.

I think I may know the culprit now. It's the milk. He uses milk for his cereals every single morning. He has milk for recess. And at night, he sometimes asks for milk and oreo. 
Although many parents understand the role that too much cow's milk, a diet low in fiber and not drinking enough fluids have in contributing to constipation, they may have other children with the same diet who aren't constipated. Part of the reason for this may be in your child's specific dietary needs. While he may drink an average amount of milk that isn't constipating for most children, it may be 'too much' for him. source:
I will cut back on his milk intake. Will just replace it with other fluids like fresh fruit juices. I hope this helps him with his don't-wanna-poop moments.


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