rj's experience at the inauguration of PNoy

01 July 2010

RJ's Ninong gave him this invitation last night. Oh yes, RJ was so disappointed. Who wouldn't be? He won't be able to wear Barong and hobnob with the newly elected officials of the Philippine government and yes with the celebrities. No, that's actually not the reason. He's not happy with the seats they were given because only the people in the "Barong" wing gets to be called VIP's. And yes they also get free food!

Philippine Inaguration 2010

Blame your Dad, he asked for tickets just last week. Yes, his Ninong was in the we-have-free-food seat.

Anyway, he still opted to attend the inauguration. And as usual, he and his Dad were late! They arrived at 9:45 am. They didn't find their seats. And when I called, RJ was complaining, "It's so hot here!". With the freebie umbrella that you got, it's still hot? 

I didn't go with them. I decided to wait for them at Harrison Plaza where the car was parked.

They were supposed to attend the street party at 6 PM but decided not to because of the following:

  • Didn't find their seats because the organizer allowed people without invites to go in. So unorganized!

  • Dad almost broke his back because he had to carry RJ (on his back while standing on a chair), so RJ can see the stage.

  • Broke the freebie yellow umbrella, good thing I just made them bring one - I still have the other one!

  • They had to walk from Quirino Grandstand to Taft Avenue to get a taxi.

  • No taxi at Taft Avenue, rode a jeepney to Century Park Hotel.

  • Ate lunch at 3PM already.
Here's the one and only picture RJ captured with my camera. Who is that guy anyway? "I don't need to take pictures, Mama. I have it all stored in my mind".

He gave me these petals, how sweet! There were helicopters dropping confetti and he tried to get some so he can have a "pasalubong" for me!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I love that he said he has it all stored in his mind!

Ailee Verzosa said...

keep those petals, maybe JUST MAYBE, it'll have a miracle...

blog hopping here... have a great week!!!

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