kid-friendly tortillas?

02 July 2010

Yes, there is a kid-friendly tortilla. It goes by the name Mission Flour Tortillas. Why is it kid-friendly? We all know that kids nowadays are very picky eaters. Your picky eater will never be a picky eater again with Mission Flour Tortillas. Because there are different varieties of tortilla to choose from, different delectable dishes appropriate for your picky eater's taste buds can be created. And they can help in preparing the dishes because Mission Flour Tortillas are available in small (6"), medium (8") and large (10”) sizes. Even your toddler's hand can handle a small round tortilla.

Mission Flour Tortillas contain 0 grams Trans fat per serving and are cholesterol free. So eating this everyday will not make your kid a rolly-polly.

Mission Menu Challenge

Mission Foods is kicking off the summer with the Mission Menus Challenge.
Beginning June 28, 2010, Chef Sara Moulton will encourage consumers to submit their budget-friendly recipes to Mission at for a chance to compete in a cook-off in Los Angeles and win a $10,000 dream kitchen makeover as well as a host of weekly prizes. The grand prize winner will win round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations for two to the Mission Menus Challenge Cook-off on September 10, 2010 at the Hard Rock CafĂ© in Los Angeles.

All recipes must include Mission Flour Tortillas. Originality is a must. And it must be able to feed a family of five for $10 or less. This challenge will run until August 9th. So hurry, you still have the chance to submit your recipe online.


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