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08 June 2010

Everytime I am late for an appointment, whether it's finding our way to RJ's swimming competition or attending a blogger's event, that is usually the time that I find myself getting lost. Have you been in that situation? The time spent looking for a way out of the unfamiliar place can be very frustrating especially when one is in a hurry.

We shouldn't worry anymore. The solution to that problem is NAVTEQ Map Updates at

NAVTEQ Map Updates

Map updates help make sure that the "shortest route" and "fastest route" functions of your navigation system work most efficiently. Updates can also save you time by showing the locations of the closest gas stations, restaurants, ATM's and more.

The leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data, NAVTEQ, makes sure your system has the accurate, detailed, up-to-date information you need to get where you're going. NAVTEQ is the company whose technology and maps drive most of the in-car navigation systems and the leading brands of GPS-enabled devices in the U.S., so chances are yours is one of them.

Updating is easy, just go to this website and follow the drop-down menus which correspond to the built-in system or portable device. Installing updated navigation maps takes just minutes, but can save hours, fuel and the frustration of getting lost or being late. Mom’s taxi service has to stay on schedule and stick to a budget!

Save time, fuel and money. Update your navigation system today.


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