flooding in orchard road?

17 June 2010

Singapore flooding

Remember the Typhoon Ondoy flooding last year? Yesterday, June 16, Singapore experienced the same thing.

Here'a an excerpt from GMA News:

A heavy downpour in Singapore Wednesday morning triggered flash floods that submerged major roads and thoroughfares – an unusual event for the island city-state which is "very rarely" hit by natural calamities.

The flooding did not result in human casualties or serious property damage, but caused traffic jams, according to Vice Consul Jed Martin Llona of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.

Llona said the floods "inconvenienced" commuters, especially those plying the heavily affected Scotts Road and Orchard Road — a tourist destination teeming with retail stores and entertainment centers.

"The flooding happened during rush hour and we heard reports of major [traffic] jams," the vice consul told GMANews.TV in an interview. He, however, cited latest reports that the traffic situation has already "stabilized."

Llona said the heavy two-hour downpour lasted from 9 to 11 a.m. and left a number of roads submerged in floods.


Miss Manila-Dy said...

This is a very rare occurrence. hinde kase tamain ng bagyo ang SG.

Sherry said...

yeah when heavy rain here also will flood I mean the train station. I remember last time I was in train everyone needs to get off because the route cannot go its under water.

Chris said...

cant imagine orchard road flooding!

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