choosing the right color for your home

17 June 2010

Do you know how to choose the right color for your home? Using one color of paint for the whole house will give an impression of unplanned renovation. Using different colors for each room of the house, that doesn't match, will most likely put your house at the top of the "ugliest house" list in your community.

Have you heard of Glidden Paint?

Glidden Logo

Here's what you can expect from every can of Glidden paint:

Glid-ability: Goes on smooth and easy, no matter the paint, wall color or finish. No muss. No fuss. Who knew painting could feel so good?

Quick Coat Coverage: Covers many colors in just one coat. Out with the old and in with the new.

Endurance: We've scrubbed walls painted with Glidden™ Paints 1,000 times with a nylon brush and scouring paste. The look you love will last. Try our paint samples to prove it.   
Stain Resistance — Tough stains can be removed with soap and water, so wiping down walls is a snap.

Scrub-ability — When walls require more than just a wipe-down, our paint stands up to heavy scrubbing with bristle brushes and scouring paste.

Bond-ability — Walls, doors and edges resist chipping and peeling because our paint is made to stick to even the most difficult surfaces.

Rub Resistance — Our paint resists glossy spots from repeated contact in high-traffic areas.
Have you joined the “Glidden Paint, Get Color, Give Color Giveaway” which began just after midnight last June 1st, 2010, on No? Then you can always find Glidden’s inexpensive paint testers in any Home Depot location.

Glidden’s paint testers are unique from other brands because they have a handy brush included in the lid, and our testers allow you to try out the actual paint color before you commit to buying all the paint necessary for your project.

The paint testers are also great for households with children because they can be used to quickly touch up scrapes and stains. (In my house, with four young children, we find it is easier to paint over permanent marker than to scrub it off.)

Glidden testers are also easier to store than large, messy, half-used cans of paint.


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