today is...

04 April 2010

...Easter Sunday. Let us not forget that our Lord Jesus Christ has resurrected from the dead many years ago on this same day. Let us not waste his sacrifice, of being crucified and nailed on the cross, for us humans to be freed from sin.

A prayer for contemplation - meditation - on the timeless message of Easter.

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Lord, You have arisen forever
In my heart!

May the sunrise
Remind me to shine in Your light.

May the caress of a gentle breeze
Remind me of Your compassion.

May the fragrance of a flower
Remind me to blossom in Your love.

May the singing of birds
Bring a song of joy to my lips.

And in the closing of each day
May I remember to quietly pray.

Wherever I am, whatever I do
May my thoughts in joy return to You!


Paula said...

Happy Easter. I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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Laikka said...

happy easter to the whole family! Godbless!

simply kim said...

Happy Easter!

simply kim said...

Happy Easter!

myfingersrtyping said...

Happy Easter sis!

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