does your child heart drawing?

13 April 2010

My son does. So much.

Lately though, he's into playing with his Nintendo DSi and watching television all day long. Bought a waveboard for him, he played for two weeks. Now, it's just gathering dust in I-have-no-idea-where.

I have been toying with the idea of enrolling him at Museo Pambata's art workshop. Heard about the said workshop from Mommy Chris of Mommy Journey. When I told him about the workshop, he was so excited. Especially since the teacher is a children's book illustrator.

He was so proud of himself when his artwork got displayed at CCP. I was and still am very proud of him so I decided to let him join the workshop for Basic Art.

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I was supposed to pay Php3,500 for 8 sessions. I ended up paying Php3,150 only. How? I availed of Museo Pambata's Privilege Card which is worth Php300. 10% discount for the Basic Art workshop! I only had to pay Php3,450 and I get to have a card that I can use for a whole year!

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Chris said...

my daughter loves drawing too!!! sigh, i wish we were nearer museo pambata and i had extra money :( maybe next year...

what is the museo pambata card for? what privileges does it give you?

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