teach your child how to be a millionaire

31 March 2010

It's never too early to start teaching your child to be a millionaire. If you don't know how, let Warren Buffett himself show you how to do it right.
An animated character of Buffett is to tutor children about the art of finance in a series called The Secret Millionaires Club, to be created by the internet empire AOL and media production firm A Squared Media. Episodes lasting three to five minutes will initially appear on AOL, before being distributed more broadly across the web via social networking sites. source: guardian.co.uk


Golden said...

At what age is this advisable sis? This may be helpful para maging responsible mga bata ngayon sa money nila at maappreciate nila ang value ng money. Ayoko kasi lumaki ang anak ko na di naappreciate ang money, yung tipong gastos lang nang gastos without thinking na mahirap pala mag-earn ng money.

Re: Ang landi ng profile pic ko 'no? LOL

Lots of love,

sigrid @ lovingly mama said...

This is cool! I will ask hubby to look for these episodes. Dindin is watching Cha-Ching by Prulife and although it is not really about becoming a millionaire, it is about the handling of money, too. Very interesting.

journey of a dreamer said...

interesting, i think even at their young age, we need to empower them the value of finances and how they can be successful someday

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