should YOU stop blogging?

19 March 2010

This article, from Yahoo Finance, "How Privacy Vanishes Online" is alarming.

"If a stranger came up to you on the street, would you give him your name, Social Security number and e-mail address?"

My answer is NO. We even advice our kids "don't talk to strangers". But a lot of us tend to give personal information on our blogs and on social networking sites like facebook to people we barely know

"You may not disclose personal information, but your online friends and colleagues may do it for you, referring to your school or employer, gender, location and interests. Patterns of social communication, researchers say, are revealing."

So very true. Hmmm. Should I delete my facebook account?

Should I resign from blogging?


Laikka said...


Chris said...

thinking thinking...

did you get my comment about the summer class?
just in case you didnt, i found several art classes like the one being done by powerbooks and museo pambata, both are 3500... i posted them on my site.. check them out.

if only they werent that far from our location..

chubskulit said...

Can't resign from blogging manay lol... Oo nga noh, ang dali daling hanapin ng tao sa facebook.. pati kasi bday naandun.. said...

As for me Sis, I got a strange call from India from a man because he saw my mobile number at my Facebook account. After that, I removed my mobile number, email add and YM messenger. I also created another personal account intended for friends and family lang talaga. No one else.

Yung dati kung account, ginawa ko business and gaming account na lang.

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