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10 December 2009

Are you an entrepreneur, accountant, teacher, blogger or even a housewife who has personal and important data's stored in your computer? Do you know that anybody can have access to your computer and erase all these important data in just a click of a button?

Do you have a backup software in case unforeseen things happen to your very important datas? Do you have a backup software that can protect your computer from hackers and viruses that can damage and delete your important datas?


For a free trial download of the latest back up technology, visit CA ARCserve.

ARCserve technology offers "more than backup". If for example you lost an email or you accidentally deleted one, ARCserve technology products provide Email Disaster recovery. Their software also includes archiving datas. ARCserve backup technology will also definitely deliver return on investments (ROI) to business people. How? System downtime will be reduced, storage will be reduced with Data Deduplication feature and a lot of money will be saved due to no more lost data.

The key features of this back up technology are:

1. Built-in Data Deduplication
2. Protection for Virtualized Servers
3. Dashboard with Storage Resource Management (SRM)
4. Centralized Management and Administration
5. Advanced Backup and Restore
6. Flexible High-Performance Backup
7. Efficient Backup Processes

Current clients are very happy with the backup technology of ARCserve. Why don't you download their trial software right now.


chubskulit said...

hi manAY kumusta ka na.. sowi now lang nakabisita, i've been sick for a couple of days..

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