how to make flavourful gravy

19 December 2009

My son loves fried chicken so much! But of course, he cannot eat it without gravy. I am not a very good cook and because of that my heart has been broken a lot of times. I can't count the times my son honestly told me that what I cooked was not yummy (says his taste buds, mine liked what I cooked)! Honestly, making gravy from scratch is not an easy task. It is a very challenging task indeed especially if one is not a good cook (really!).

This Christmas eve dinner though, the gravy that I will serve will definitely (hopefully) be a hit! Thanks to the gravy tips video of Club House Gravy. The video helped me practice preparing great tasting gravy that my son and the whole family will surely love.

Club House traces its roots back to 1883, where it first operated in London, Ontario. Because of strict standard of quality, freshness and taste, Club House was able to meet their ultimate goal of putting the best foods on their client's table.

Do you also want to learn how to make flavourful gravy? Club House Gravy can help you make great tasting gravy with no stress or fuss! Go ahead, visit their site.

While you are there, don't forget to visit the newsletter sign-up and contest entry page.

Bye for now! I still have to practice preparing the gravy again. I want to make a perfect, very flavourful gravy for our Christmas eve dinner.


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