4 ways to make quick money for the holidays

02 December 2009

Do you need additional cash for buying presents this holiday season?

Here are five quick ways to make fast money .

1. Sell Something - One person's trash is another's gold mine. Put up a garage sale (in your garage, where else?) or sell your old things (clothes, musical instruments that you've never used, etc) online.

2. Online Tutor - Tutoring pays well not to mention that this is an in-demand service. If you are a very patient person and you like teaching, this is the part time job for you.

3. Moving Advertisement - You can wear a t-shirt or a costume that advertise a business. Companies are willing to pay through inexpensive ways to get their name out there.

4. Freelance Writer - You don't need to have an English degree. Start with searching online to look for writing jobs. Just make sure that your articles make sense, not just to you but to other people as well.

You don't have to break your back doing hard labor to earn quick cash. Just try out my list and you will surely find one easy part-time job that will work for you.


Nanaybelen said...

Thanks RJs mama. This is a very good info. We should be resourceful to make money quickly. Sayang ang oras ano?

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