are you ready for halloween?

24 October 2009

Just had a fun afternoon today at our condominium building. My son, together with a lot of other kids, went trick or treating.

During one of the games, the party host asked the boys and girls to make two separate lines. As you can see, my not-so-shy son is in front of the line. Yup, that IS his costume. Scary, I know. And there's another one who looks exactly like him near the back of the line! During the balloon twisting show, the little boy beside him got scared so I asked him to take off his mask.


The balloon twister was so good. She made a monkey climbing a banana tree. She also made Nemo complete with bubbles, weeds and swimming in water.

Because the twisting of the balloons are so complicated and takes a long time to make, not all the kids were able to have twisted balloons as a souveneir. Last year, all the kids went home happy because everyone gets to have his/her own balloon.

And my son was complaining that only two games were played. More time was alotted for the balloon twisting.

Oh well, at least the kids enjoyed guessing what she was making.

When will you be having a halloween party at your place? Hope you enjoy it as much as we had a good time today.

Happy Halloween everyone!


♥peachkins♥ said...

I'm sure all the kids had a fun time...

jenie said...

nice to be kids once again...

i miss ur visits
hope u visit my other blogs too
life round me N you
earthy me

Nanaybelen said...

Nice to see kids in Halloween costumes .

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Thanks for the well wishes for my recovery....
Have a SPOOKtacular HALLoWEEN!!!

Mom of Four said...

That's so nice that they had parties like that sa condominium nyo, at least ang mga bata eh nag eenjoy. We attended a filipino american party,a t ang mga anak ko, they had a blast. Giling ng giling sa dance floor. di man sila nanalo sa costume contest, at least they had so much fun.

chubskulit said...

wow gare maogmahon halloween dyan manay.. kumusta ka na?

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