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20 July 2009

I haven't been very active in writing new posts here so I was surprised when I checked my PR and discovered that I now have a PR 1. To all of you who always visit and leave comments, thank you. I hope you will leave a comment everytime you visit because reading your comments puts a smile on my face.


Golden said...

Thanks sis for commenting on my site ^_^

Lots of love,

Seiko said...

Hi!Thank you so much for the visit & dropped some line as you go:)

chubskulit said...

Hi, thanks a lot for visiting and for including us in your prayers, glad to know na taga bicol ka din, where in part of bicol ka?

chubskulit said...

visitng here again ate

Marianne said...

about the blogvertising, I think I'm just lucky to get task a day after they approve mmy blog. I honestly don't have tips to give you on how to get tasks from them. BUt I'm hoping that you'll be given opps.

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