no school because of A(H1N1)

25 June 2009

While watching the latest Transformers movie last friday, I received a text message from my son's school that classes will be suspended for 10 days because one student was diagnosed with A(H1N1) virus. Homeworks and other school projects will just be posted in the school's website to make use of staying at home more productive.
Some parents became annoyed that they have to help their kids everyday considering that they already payed a very expensive tuition fees. The kids won't even be able to go to their tutors since most are around the school area.
For me, the school deciding to call off classes for 10 days was a good decision. This is also for the benefit of the school community.
This is very beneficial for my son because even the yearly swim varsity try-outs was cancelled. He can practice for a few more days in the house.


utotmopink said...

yay! i'm starting to get really scared of that virus..

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