picky eater

28 April 2009

When my son was still a baby, he doesn't complain what i feed him. He just gobble everything up, no wonder his face was way bigger than mine at that time. He developed carotenemia (yellowing of the skin) though because I always include squash to his everyday meal. Good thing he didn't turn green when I added more green leafy veggies to his diet.

But my son at 7.11 years old is a very picky eater. One day he likes a particular meal and requests it for a week or so, then he'll just surprise me by saying that what i cooked is not yummy. Whattt?? You requested it for a week and I followed the recipe instruction up to the last detail... and oh yes, it does taste the same everytime I cook it (I always taste it before serving it to you) -- now its not yummy anymore? Whatever happened to "this tastes good mama" or "you're a good cook mama".

Good thing that there are a lot of cooking shows (they have websites also) where mommies like me can get ideas to add to our already huge collection of picky-eater-friendly recipes. One such cooking show is quickfire, shown in Qtv. Its like 30-minutes by rachel ray but Chef Rosebud promises recipes that are "done in less than 10 minutes". Tried some of her recipes already and liked it because its not hard to follow. I do not use ajinomoto though, sorry. Hopefully she will add more recipes that will help moms prepare different kinds of meals to their family.


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