20/20 forever

19 March 2010

This blue eyeglasses look so cute. But not when I imagine RJ, my 8 year old son, wearing it. He is very addicted with online games as well as with his handheld game consoles right now. I am very concerned that he will have poor eyesight before even graduating from grade school.

I am already in my early 30's but my vision is still 20/20. If it's not impossible, I want it to stay that way forever. When I was my son's age, there we're still no handheld video games invented at that time. These gadgets bring so much stress to one's eyes.

Summer break has officially started last week. These past two weeks, my son has been very busy. Busy with online and handheld games. I ask him everyday, sometimes force him, to practice his soccer kicks and basketball dribbling. He obeys for a few minutes and goes back to his games. 

I already have a plan to lure him away from the gadgets that are slowly destroying his eyes. Sports and art classes, but these classes will start after the Holy Week. Until then, I just have to find ways to steer him away from the computer and his handheld game.

Do you have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I think it's possible to have good vision until you reach your golden age..it is a tough job to keep it that way though, what with all the technology (like what we do now..blogging!)..

Chris said...

hello! yes, i am homeschooling my kids.. i will formally homeschool my grade 1 this coming school year..

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