Best Graduation Gift Ideas

19 March 2014

My son's grade school graduation is this coming Monday and I am still searching for the best graduation gift ideas because I want the best for my son. His dad already gave him an HP laptop so I have to cross that off my list.

Although RJ already has an acoustic guitar, he has been hinting on a new electric guitar. I'm not so sure about this because I then have to buy an adx51, which isn't advisable since we live in a condominium building as I've said in my earlier post.

Amazon has a great selection of gift ideas. I have been browsing the site and there are a lot of graduation gift ideas which my son would surely love. Maybe you'll find gift ideas on amazon that your kids would love too.

Best Kids Drum Set

27 February 2014

My son has been dreaming of having his own electronic drum set since he was in preschool. But we live in a condominium building, so buying his musical instrument of choice at that time was not that good of an idea. I bought a guitar for him instead and enrolled him in guitar lessons.

Now that he's in his tweens, it's time that we consider allowing him to have a drum set. He's more mature and considerate with other people's feelings so I'm sure he won't play during unlikely hours of the night or play very loud during daytime.

So far, here is the best drum for kids set that I've found online.


It's a 5-Piece Junior Drum Set with cymbals stands ticks hardware and stool. There are other drum sets available, so if this is not what you're looking for, just click the picture above for more options.

Earphones or Headphones?

28 August 2013

Whether my son is using his Kindle Fire, my netbook or iPod, he still likes to use earphones or headphones, instead of just turning on the device's build-in speaker. I am worried that he's abusing his ears by turning on the headphone's sound full blast.

I should buy a Pro-Ject Pro Audio speaker or an earphones /headphones that wouldn't destroy his eardrums even with the sound on full blast. It will all boil down to my son to be responsible in adjusting the volume that's not too loud for his ears.

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